All about Home Remedies of Leucoderma

Ayurvedic treatment for leucodermaLeucoderma as known is a disease related to fading of skin colour. Loss of pigments over skin due to various factors results into autoimmune condition of the body. Disturbed metabolism due to odd food conditions, improper hygiene, excessive sun exposure regularly or due to stress leads to immunity disturbances. These may result into a condition in which cells disobey the rules and starts degeneration of its own cells and tissues. In this process the pigment producing cells also get damaged and further production of melanin pigment gets stopped. This causes colourless or white skin called Leucoderma.

There are many articles found on internet about home remedies of Leucoderma suggestion many short cut home based tricks. Some of them suggests to put ginger on spots while some suggest mustard oil with ginger or lemon to be applied on spots. In few suggestions it is written to take pomegranate juice etc.

People has to understand first that Leucoderma or Vitiligo is a complex disease and these can not get treated with home remedies at all. The immunological disturbance makes its nature complex which can’t be rectified without proper guidelines by a Vitiligo specialist. In most of the cases these home remedies  backfire and people get more number of spots after using these home based tricks.

Leucoderma treatment given by a specialist is a complete treatment which guides about the hygiene, food restrictions, lifestyle changes and herbal Ayurvedic medicines. Food restrictions as citrus fruit intake, fermented item intake, avoiding red meat, fish etc are to be followed under treatment from a specialist. Day time prolonged sun exposure may harm, so it should be avoided.

These are some examples or guidelines by specialist. Under the treatment various minute points about diet and lifestyle is guided which are of much importance in treatment of Leucoderma and Vitiligo.

Rather than going for short cut home remedies for Leucoderma people should think sincerely and then get in touch with a Vitiligo Leucoderma specialist for treatment.

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  1. Leucoderma is a condition which causes destruction of the cells of this pigment which is resulting in white spots or white patches to appear on your skin. This is a chronic condition. It would be great if you share list of home remedies. Thank you in advance.

  2. Home remedies should be avoided in Leucoderma Vitiligo condition as theses are complex diseases and can Home Remedies may be devastating for these. Take proper treatment from Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist

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