Herbal remedies for Vitiligo Treatment


Treatment of Vitiligo & Leucoderma always remains challenging due to its unusual spreading behavior. Buts herbs and herbal medicines are proved to be providing most safe and successful treatment for it. Modern Ayurvedic Doctors made the treatment somewhat to the point, easy to intake, presentable and more result oriented as herbal extracts are being used to formulate Anti Vitiligo medicines now. The aspect of Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo has changed towards providing faster results with rapid spread control of the white spots.

Herbal remedies for white spot treatment are considered safe as herb based medicines not only works on providing pigmentation but it also works on body metabolism correctly to rectify immunity system. It actually balances the immunity so that immunological disorders as leucoderma get healed fast. For these reasons Ayurveda is considered and widely known as a treatment which works on root cause.

Vitiligo Treatment
Vitiligo Herbal Remedies

Cause of Vitiligo is best known as ‘autoimmunity’. It is a condition of self cell destruction by body immune system. The condition is caused due to various reasons which includes odd food combinations intake regularly, use of much chemicals in food, sudden increase in intake of sour items, intake of unwashed vegetables treated with pesticides and insecticides. Regular junk food intake can also be a reason especially in small children as those may contain harmful chemicals which have adverse effect on immune system.

Some abrupt lifestyles activities are also considered to be one of the reasons behind white spots. Prolonged chlorinated water swimming or a visit to water park can cause skin reaction and in few cases starts white spots. This is mostly seen in cases of small children as the cause of a white spot.

Maintaining food habits by completely following a vitiligo food and diet plan is also guided in vitiligo treatment by herbs. Mainly restrictions of sour food items, vitamin c containing fruits and juices, fermented food products, carbonated drinks are guided during herbal treatment of Leucoderma. Punctuality with Anti vitiligo medicines is advised to the patients for proper action of the treatment. Generally initial positive results can be observed in 6-8 weeks in an Ayurvedic Leucoderma treatment. Then monthly results can be seen with due course of treatment with strict diet restrictions.

One thing has to be understood that Vitiligo and Leucoderma are complex diseases in nature and along with the herbal Anti vitiligo medicines it requires proper diet restrictions as advised by the Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist.

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