Dealing with Leucoderma naturally

Across the world Leucoderma and Vitiligo cases are seen with plenty of people suffering from it with absence of awareness of its correct treatment. Overall there are certain restrictions in food & lifestyle also, following which one can at least stop the spreading of Leucoderma.

Most of the sufferers do not pay attention to food & lifestyle restrictions related to vitiligo especially from western countries as they understand it as a myth. But one has to understand that each & every food or lifestyle related restrictions are scientific and has valid reasons behind.

Vitamin C is strictly restricted in Leucoderma as it has the ability to reduce pigmentation rate. Similarly other restricted items also have some valid scientific reasons behind it.

Dealing with leucoderma naturally is the ultimate solution of this. Natural Herb based treatments are seen healing it much satisfactorily. Specialised mixture of herbs with the property to produce pigments and to improve immunity has shown holistic approach towards Leucoderma healing. The purified herbal formulations are seen having no side or adverse effects on human body as experienced in many cases. Unlike other treatments the herbal treatment works on the root cause of Leucoderma. The autoimmune nature of it makes it untreatable with modern treatments. Specialised Herb based Ayurvedic treatment has been seen treating leucoderma most successfully. Oral and topical herbal medicines are given with the treatment which works from both the directions. It works on stabilizing immune system with a process of energizing dead or dormant pigment producing cells.


Along with the treatment the patient has to follow certain food restrictions like avoid citrus items, junk food, fermented food items, carbonated drinks, alcohol ete.. Certain lifestyle related things like swimming in chlorinated water should be restricted. Wearing clothes made from natural materials like cotton clothes are recommended.

Avoiding materials made from plastic or chemical will be helpful. Prolonged exposure to sun has to be avoided also. Whereas morning sun exposure for few minutes is recommended in herbal treatment of leucoderma.


The awareness has to be spread that Leucoderma and Vitiligo are best treated naturally with specialised Herbal treatment.

Guide to cope up with vitiligo 


Since past long years, Vitiligo has been seen emerged as a devastating disease with not only distorts externally but it harms mentally and psychologically.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which body immunity system gets in auto destruction mode resulting into harming its own cells and tissues. A condition of lower immunity as well as the condition of hyperactive immunity can cause autoimmune syndrome.

Mainly food habits and lifestyle changes are the behind reasons of this stage.



Coping up with vitiligo is possible but it demands tremendous attention to food habits and lifestyle activities along with proper treatment.

Majorly a strict diet restriction can be a good step to start with. Avoiding vitamin c, fermented food items, alcohol, junk food, curd can be helpful. Along with these there are other minute items which should be avoided. The details vitiligo food restriction guide must be given by the Vitiligo specialist.

Lifestyle also needs to be a little regulated as swimming in artificial pools is restricted. Over exposure of day time sun could be harmful in vitiligo. Detailed guide about vitiligo lifestyle restrictions should be guided by the specialist only.

Following these can be much helpful in coping up with vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment should be taken by a specialist only as vitiligo is a special disorder and needs proper attention. General Doctors or physicians may not be able to tackle it properly.

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo looks most promising as these could not have any side effects and Authentic Ayurvedic herbal vitiligo treatment can not only take cares of spreading but it helps in coverage of white spots only.

Vitiligo specialty clinics can not be find easily as they are very less in number but treatment of white spots in one of the specialist clinic could be much beneficial.

Treatment medicines are made from herbs which acts with their photosensitive action and starts pigmentation in few weeks over the spot areas. Along with them the herbal immunity balancers stabilises the body immunity to control the spreading. Taking treatment with patience and following the food restrictions properly can result into healing of vitiligo spots in some months.

Choosing a correct Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist could be the key to success in vitiligo.

Top seven ways to deal with Leucoderma

Its presence over skin has much psychological impact on person’s life. Leucoderma always has an social importance due to its differentiating character due to white skin appearance.

The sufferers get misguided sometimes by advertisements claiming overnight results making it more complicated.

This article can guide anyone who is suffering from Leucoderma to think in right direction as well as to chose authentic treatment.

Here are the seven important ways to deal with Leucoderma:

  1. Once you found a de-pigmented area on your skin with prominent border margin, it could be a Leucoderma spot. Immediate attention can help you to deal with it correctly. Please note all the de-pigmented areas cannot be Leucoderma as some lightning occurs also due to lack of calcium or due to intestinal worms especially in small kids.
  2. Rushing to a dermatologist cannot help much as Leucoderma is much related to immunology. Skin Doctors can help to diagnose it. But the medicines like steroids pills and applications are of little help with temporary results which can actually complicate it.
  3. Restricting your diet can help much in initial stages also. Cutting Vitamin C, fermented food items, carbonated drinks and red meat can help you to control its spreading. It is seen that junk food are the most common reason behind formation of toxins inside body. The formed toxins gradually disturbs the immune system and the stage of ‘autoimmunity ‘can arise which is the most accepted reason of Leucoderma and Vitiligo.
  4. Detoxification of body is much helpful. Once detected with Leucoderma, one has to form distance from chemicals whether it’s a medicine or daily use detergent. These could act like bleach and can help in faster spreading of spots.
  5. Avoiding home remedies is a wise idea in this condition if you have detected white spots. Most of the Internet based home remedies are much personal and following those can harm and complicate a simple Leucoderma spot.
  6. Some lifestyle changes can also help in dealing with Leucoderma. Chlorine aggravates white spots. So, avoiding swimming in artificial pools can help in spreading control of spots. Keeping your mind fresh can also be helpful. Yoga and meditation for few minutes daily can help in mental calmness and to deal with depression.
  7. Choosing a correct treatment clan help the most. Herbal treatment is seen to be only positive treatment in Leucoderma and vitiligo condition. Especially Ayurvedic treatment based on herbs can help in dealing with it. Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist can be consulted for white spots treatment. The herbal medicines can help in spread control as well as pigmentation and coverage of the white spots.                           

Meeting a vitiligo specialist online or by personal consultation can help a person to deal with his or her Leucoderma spots. Correct guidance along with herbal medicines can heal the spots permanently.

Leucoderma – All you have to know about its causes, treatment and diet restrictions

The white spots over body with prominent border margin are the signs of Leucoderma. People get to know about it only after its occurrence. Generally there are no known symptoms of it. It is seen to happen in any age. More sufferers are there in Asia and Middle East.

Most known and accepted cause of Leucoderma is autoimmunity. A condition in which body immune system gets disturbed and as a result the body cells get into the stage of self-destruction. The cells which produce melanin pigment – melanocytes if gets destroyed, results into nil production of melanin pigment and forms a colourless white area over the skin. But most known reason of Leucoderma is that it starts after a cut, burn, accident or due to some chemical or drug allergy over skin. 

Various cases of Leucoderma are seen which has history of a burn or an injury. Complete erosion of melanocyte cells after an accident or injury could cause white spots even after healing of the injured area.
Plastic allergy which develops from slippers or other wearable is seen culprit for Leucoderma in many cases.
Deodorant allergy or perfume allergy is also responsible for a white spot as seen in some cases.
Too much use of harsh soaps or sanitisers for hand wash can lead to skin allergy and can trigger white spot formation.
Touch of other chemicals, sealants regularly can also cause a white spot if you have much sensitive skin.

Treatment of Leucoderma is based on principles of maintaining immunity and re-pigmentation. These two basic principles of healing can be found only in Ayurvedic treatment type. Treatment with herbs and herbal formulations under Ayurvedic system are seen most effective and safe for Leucoderma. The two aspect of healing is done with herbs under guidance of an Ayurvedic Leucoderma specialist through which spreading control and pigmentation is done with no side effects. Normal initial results of recovery are seen in few weeks which later develop complete healing of a white spot. It’s safety assures that this kind of Ayurvedic treatment remains safe even for small children.

Vitiligo and Leucoderma are similar disorders and line of treatment also remains same for both. Leucoderma is accidental while vitiligo is self-generated disorder.

Ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma also guides about food restrictions which are responsible for spreading control as well as for pigmentation. Mainly vitamin c, carbonated drinks and other sour food items gets restricted. Some lifestyle changes are also advised under Ayurvedic treatment of Leucoderma as restriction of chlorinated water swimming etc.

Details of treatment and restrictions are available here.

Why a Vitiligo specialist needed for Vitiligo – Leucoderma treatment ?

Vitiligo Specialist
Vitiligo Specialist Results

Being complex in nature Vitiligo & Leucoderma always troubles a sufferer mentally. The amount of pressure makes him or her feel out of the society. This condition is alarming and can lead to the state of depression.

Wrong advises, incompatible treatments and absence of a clear guide line are responsible for this state of mind under vitiligo & leucoderma.

Due to all these and enigmatic character of vitiligo, a vitiligo specialist is much required for its treatment.

Vitiligo is a special disease and it needs special attention both by a Doctor and the patient. General physicians, dermatologists and others can advise and administer general medicines related to skin while actually vitiligo is a disorder which relates to autoimmune condition guided by metabolic system of our body.

The vitiligo specialist can understand the seriousness of vitiligo by doing in depth analysis according to his defined parameters and case history and after that he can suggest probability of recovery, timeline of treatment etc. based on his experience.

After that he can prescribe his herb based medicines to the sufferer which triggers on the root cause which is autoimmunity. As the herbal Ayurvedic treatments the only treatment which is found most effective ad safe for vitiligo. Immunity stabilization is done gradually with herbs which rectifies autoimmune condition gradually. This helps in spreading control of white spots. Along with this re-pigmentation is also done with internal and external herbal medicines which shows up initial pigmentation in few weeks time. After that gradual results continues towards full coverage of the spots with due course of treatment.

A Vitiligo leucoderma specialist also guides about lifestyle changes along with minute Food restrictions in Vitiligo in detail which are much important in white spot treatment.

Timely administration of herbs, correct restriction of food and habits and other dos and don’t’ can only be available through a Vitiligo specialist.

Need to aware people about vitiligo

Vitiligo needs awareness as it creates panic upon its onset on person’s mind. Vitiligo is non-infectious and non-contagious in nature and can’t be compared with leprosy.

Visibly it is more prominent in dark skinned people due to contrast but its spread is distributed all across world. In India 2-5 % population is affected by vitiligo and the percentage is inching upwards which is alarming.

Vitiligo is harmless disease but it creates lot of mental pressure and stress among sufferers. Being a social stigma it has much social importance than medical.

Cause of vitiligo could be odd food combinations, much intake of chemical treated vegetables, harsh antibiotics, steroid uses and extreme stressful conditions. Autoimmune condition of body starts destruction of melanin cells and tissues. Cause of this de-pigmentation starts and a white spot forms.

Soon after seeing a white spot on skin, it has to be attained seriously by a Doctor. After diagnosis one has to search for an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist clinic as vitiligo cannot be treated a general practitioner or a simple dermatologist.

Modern treatment has steroids and other immunomodulators like medicines along with UV light treatments for temporary results. These have many side effects than positive effects.

Homeopathic treatment is seen to be aggravating vitiligo like anything. So it’s better to think twice before getting into such treatment.

Safest and effective among them is specialised Ayurvedic treatment which should be taken only through a vitiligo specialist clinic. Due to its vast and surprising nature, vitiligo can only be managed and treated by an Ayurvedic specialist. It’s a well-known fact that as fast you get correct treatment, as fast are your chances of getting cured.


Guidelines about food and diet restrictions are also important and responsible for spread control and faster re-pigmentation. These restrictions are widely discussed and advised only by an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist.

Things not to do in Vitiligo & Leucoderma

The complex nature of vitiligo already makes its treatment tougher. Autoimmune condition of body in vitiligo generally takes time to respond with the treatment.

But along with a good herbal Ayurvedic treatment if a patient follows some rules, he or she may respond very fast with the treatment and chances of getting completely healed could be much higher and faster as compared to other sufferers.

Vitiligo Treatment
Vitiligo treatment results after following food restrictions

These are some of the rules which has to be followed for fast and successful vitiligo treatment:

  • Food restrictions– This is the most important one as whatever intake you do, will have direct impact on your white spots. Vitamin C slows down the pigmentation rate which is an adverse condition in vitiligo. To restore and maintain pigmentation, its rate should be enhanced. So, citrus fruits and other juicy fruits including their juices should be avoided in vitiligo.
  • Similarly animal and fish protein slows down pigmentation, so has to be cut completely from the menu.
  • Fermented food products as curd, yogurt etc. are also seen to be reducing the pigmentation process. These should not be taken in vitiligo condition.
  • Soda bi carbonate drinks like soft drinks should be avoided.
  • Alcohol should not be taken in vitiligo as it aggravates spreading.
  • Specially kids are seen to be replacing their main home food for junk food. It should not be done in regular manner as it hampers to immunity.
  • Some lifestyle activities also relate with vitiligo like frequent change in atmosphere can lower your immunity if done regularly. So, temperature variations should be avoided if happens in regular basis.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water is seen to be aggravating vitiligo. It should not be done.
  • Similarly water park visits may affect vitiligo adverse.
  • Untimely intake of food can cause serious damage to body metabolism. So this condition should be avoided.

These are some known examples which has been observed and experienced by an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist.

What to do if you have diagnosed vitiligo


Vitiligo is not an incurable disease. The approach towards its treatment should be positive and the choice of treatment should be risk free and free from chemical interactions.

After you have seen a white spot on your skin, you must see a dermatologist or specialist for confirm diagnosis. Please note that the consultation is only taken for diagnosis in case of a modern medical Doctor appointment as his prescribed medicines could be steroids either oral or application, immunomodulators in form of de-worm capsules. The role of allopathic medicines in vitiligo is widely known to be complicating vitiligo. So, such temporary treatments could be devastating and should be avoided.

Leucoderma treatment
Vitiligo & Ayurvedic treatment

Mostly Homeopathy treatment is seen to be aggravating vitiligo. So such risk should also not be taken.

After confirm diagnosis one has to find an Ayurvedic Vitiligo specialist either locally or online. It has been seen that specialised Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is also possible through online or video consultation. Anti-vitiligo kit treatment by a specialist can assure you no further spreading along with re-pigmentation over spots. The holistic approach of treatment makes Ayurveda unique. Under this treatment the root cause of vitiligo which is ‘autoimmunity’ gets treated through herbs which do perfect work by improving body metabolism. Another set of herbs with their photosensitive action starts pigment deposition over the white spots. Initial results can be seen under 2-3 months in specialised Ayurvedic treatment.

You must also follow food restrictions in vitiligo if you have diagnosed vitiligo. Diet restrictions are almost 25% influential in vitiligo. Mainly food products containing Vitamin C should be avoided. Citrus fruits and juices should be stopped. Fermented products such as curd, yogurt, bread and some South Indian food items like idli etc. should be avoided. Red meat, sea food, fish should not be taken as the protein inside inhibits pigmentation process. Alcoholic drinks and other carbonated drinks should be avoided as it slows down the pigmentation process.

Doing yoga and meditation can really help in faster healing of white spots. Daily 15-30 minutes yoga can do miracle along with Ayurvedic vitiligo treatment.

So, in place of getting into panic situation, if you think and do wisely, you can stop and treat vitiligo successfully.

Vitiligo in children – Treatment and precautions

The daily routine and food habits have changed a lot. The addition of junk food, wafers, chocolates etc. from more than permissible quantities has actually disturbed the body metabolism. This has been affecting adversely and as a result it causes autoimmunity, a condition in which body cells gets destroyed by the defense cells inside the body. Small children are more vulnerable to it as small disturbance in immunity can cause autoimmunity in them.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and mostly it occurs due to food and dietary reasons in small kids. Intake of non-vegetarian food with milk is common among them and can be seen as a prominent cause of vitiligo spots in children.

Recently the junk food like pizza, burger, noodles etc. is also found to be getting as a replacement for the main food items. In countries like India in which the body system is not use-to to this kind of food stuff, is causing metabolic problems and also found to be disturbing immunity system. In other countries like USA, UK, Australia etc. , the percentage of vitiligo patients are less but in children it is getting much due to lack of awareness about the vitiligo food restrictions.

Another important cause of vitiligo in children is excess use of cortisone, steroids etc. or use of harsh antibiotics for longer time. These affect adverse on immunity. As a result autoimmune problems like vitiligo gets started in kids.

Vitiligo treatment
Vitiligo Treatment in Children

Ayurvedic approach to vitiligo is completely different from other treatment options. Ayurveda very minutely guides about the food and diet restrictions in vitiligo. Along with its treatment through specialized Ayurvedic Anti vitiligo medicines, Ayurhealthline provides complete list of food and lifestyle changes. Following these helps a patient to recover faster.

The theory of root cause removal under Ayurvedic treatment makes the difference. The melanin pigment producing cells gets reactivated with the use of herbal medicines and as a result vitiligo gets treated fast in vitiligo affected children and adults.

Few changes in your diet and lifestyle can really help in Vitiligo & Leucoderma cure


Eating odd food combination, untimely intake of food and eating plenty of junk food. These can form toxin inside the body and the waste management system of body can get disturbed. The process of waste disposal can get delayed and can cause contamination inside.

Skin is the most vulnerable part of body as it is the largest part and has to tackle with exposures of sun, wind etc. The effect of metabolic toxicity comes first on skin as seen most and can result into various skin diseases and Vitiligo.

Vitiligo diet & food
Food Restrictions in Vitiligo

What changes in diet can cause Vitiligo?

Few of the above examples like odd food combinations like taking non vegetarian food with milk can contaminate the metabolism.

Junk food and carbonated drinks which are available everywhere are the commonest cause of toxicity and could be a reason behind vitiligo.

Intake of hot and cold food items together or just after could be bad for immunity.

Insecticide and pesticides in green vegetables can harm immunity and cause vitiligo.

Taking citric juices in large quantities are recently seen to be a reason behind vitiligo.

Wrong home remedies like turmeric and oil use etc. It could be devastating in vitiligo.

What changes in lifestyle can cause vitiligo?

Untimely food intake can harm metabolism and disturbed metabolism can lower immunity and can cause many autoimmune disorders like vitiligo.

Prolonged hours of swimming in chlorinated swimming pools can react over skin and form white spots.

Abrupt life schedule like night time working and daytime sleeping can really affect bad if done regularly.

Travelling to hot climate from cold climate suddenly and regularly can harm immunity or coming out from a cold indoor room to outer hot climate suddenly can cause bad effect on immunity.

Some chemicals like deodorants and perfumes can cause skin reactions and form Leucoderma on skin.

What are the changes that can help in vitiligo cure?

vitiligo lifestyle requirements
Lifestyle changes required in Vitiligo

Rectifying food intake mentioned above can help in prevention of vitiligo.

Non vegetarian food should not be taken with milk ever.

Timely breakfast, lunch and dinner is a good habit and good for immunity.

Taking sour food items with milk is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Proper washing of vegetables can help to reduce pesticides count on them.

Lifestyle changes like inheriting Yoga and doing Meditation can help to detox.

Prolonged hours of sun exposure should be avoided.

Taking care of hygiene can help to boost immunity.

Based on my experience and scientific reasons with blend of ancient Ayurveda, these are the most common mistakes people do as they mostly got unaware about correct vitiligo restrictions and get affected by vitiligo and Leucoderma.

Being an Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist I have observed these factors very minutely since past 10 years and following diet restrictions with our specialised treatment can heal Vitiligo completely.