Leucoderma – All you have to know about its causes, treatment and diet restrictions

The white spots over body with prominent border margin are the signs of Leucoderma. People get to know about it only after its occurrence. Generally there are no known symptoms of it. It is seen to happen in any age. More sufferers are there in Asia and Middle East.

Most known and accepted cause of Leucoderma is autoimmunity. A condition in which body immune system gets disturbed and as a result the body cells get into the stage of self-destruction. The cells which produce melanin pigment – melanocytes if gets destroyed, results into nil production of melanin pigment and forms a colourless white area over the skin. But most known reason of Leucoderma is that it starts after a cut, burn, accident or due to some chemical or drug allergy over skin.

Various cases of Leucoderma are seen which has history of a burn or an injury. Complete erosion of melanocyte cells after an accident or injury could cause white spots even after healing of the injured area.

  • Plastic allergy which develops from slippers or other wearable is seen culprit for Leucoderma in many cases.
  • Deodorant allergy or perfume allergy is also responsible for a white spot as seen in some cases.
  • Too much use of harsh soaps or sanitizes for hand wash can lead to skin allergy and can trigger white spot formation.
  • Touch of other chemicals, sealants regularly can also cause a white spot if you have much sensitive skin.

Treatment of Leucoderma is based on principles of maintaining immunity and re-pigmentation. These two basic principles of healing can be found only in Ayurvedic treatment type. Treatment with herbs and herbal formulations under Ayurvedic system are seen most effective and safe for Leucoderma. The two aspect of healing is done with herbs under guidance of an Ayurvedic Leucoderma specialist through which spreading control and pigmentation is done with no side effects. Normal initial results of recovery are seen in few weeks which later develop complete healing of a white spot. It’s safety assures that this kind of Ayurvedic treatment remains safe even for small children.

Vitiligo and Leucoderma are similar disorders and line of treatment also remains same for both. Leucoderma is accidental while vitiligo is self-generated disorder.

Ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma also guides about food restrictions which are responsible for spreading control as well as for pigmentation. Mainly vitamin c, carbonated drinks and other sour food items gets restricted. Some lifestyle changes are also advised under Ayurvedic treatment of Leucoderma as restriction of chlorinated water swimming etc.

Details of treatment and restrictions are available here.

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