Leucoderma is a Latin synonym for white skin. It is a term used to express the white patch problem.

Cause of Leucoderma has different theories. One of the most valid theories includes its onset due to accidental reasons such as a cut, a burn or after a scratch. Actually skin has the tendency to reclaim its original stage after an injury. It generally gets into normal shape and appearance after minor injuries. But sometimes after a major injury or after a deep cut or scratch the cells responsible for melanin pigmentation abrasion from the skin layer resulting into complete or partial loss of pigmentation from the injured area after healing. This may cause white spot appearance over that particular area. This is Leucoderma for which a known reason can be associated for its onset. Similar condition also can happen after a burn injury.

Apart from injury there are several more reasons behind Leucoderma. One important and common reason include allergy from chemicals such as deodorants, paints, elastics, adhesives or usually a ‘bindi’ which is widely used among women in countries like India. Some reactions from sleepers have been also reported to have Leucoderma onset.

Leucoderma treatment
Leucoderma treatment in Ayurveda

Management and treatment of Leucoderma is done by rectification of toxins which have formed after external reaction. Ayurveda treatment for Leucoderma is of much help in this condition as it detoxifies the metabolic system through its herbs. The detox process helps in faster control of Leucoderma which prevents it from further spreading. Second line treatment through Ayurvedic herbs actually works on root cause and promotes pigmentation over patch areas. Mostly the restoration of pigments over patch areas is faster over area where partial loss of melanin has happened. Other areas where the cells got damaged usually take longer time than the partial areas. But generally it gets the normal skin colour back with use of Ayurvedic medicines for Leucoderma.

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