Do’s and Don’ts in Vitiligo & Leucoderma Treatment

Important guidelines are much necessary for Vitiligo and Leucoderma sufferers as lots of information is available on Internet in which some can ruin life of a vitiligo patient by simply aggravating the spots. People have to refrain themselves from using Home Remedies for Vitiligo and Leucoderma. Without knowing about the author’s knowledge and credibility it may be wrong using such quick remedies.

Vitiligo affects psychologically and exerts tremendous pressure on sufferers mind. In the state of depression a patient search for faster home remedies on various blogs can sometimes results into wrong advise making the condition even worse. Personal experiences of home remedies can be different for different person and this should always be remembered before thinking of taking such advises.

Its very important in present scenario as i have experienced many incoming cases of vitiligo which came to us as complicated stage 2 cases due to use of some wrong home remedies/treatments.

As a responsible Vitiligo Specialist and Ayurveda Doctor and after 10 long years of Research and experience I am suggesting some facts about do and don’t in Vitiligo condition.

First of all let me clean the havoc about it.

Vitiligo and Leucoderma are not incurable. It depends upon choice of treatment you take. Through that either it can get cured or can get complicated. Mostly herb based Ayurveda treatment can not harm you and in most of the stages it can cure it if the treatment is taken from an Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist. As Ayurveda has proven treatment for white spots and works on root cause it could be the best treatment for vitiligo.

Modern treatments based on corticosteroids are not much helpful as they usually can be seen to provide temporary results only and after some time can result into massive spreading of white patch areas making a simple Vitiligo case much more complicated. Dependency on steroids are much harmful as they have many side effects also. Other components like immunomodulators are being widely used in modern treatments which can also make the condition even worse after few months of its use or after stopping or reducing its doses.
Even the topical application treatment is not safe as it also can contain chemicals like steroids and immunomodulators which in the long run can not provide satisfactory treatment results and can complicate.

Some homeopathic treatments for vitiligo are seen actually aggravating the vitiligo spots. Numerous cases of vitiligo sufferers can be seen having such experiences.

So, the questions should be kept in mind before starting any Vitiligo treatment:

1. Will the treatment provide satisfactory results
2. Am I taking treatment from a Specialist
3. Is the Doctor capable of dealing with it
4. Is the treatment 100% Herbal
5. Is the treatment safe
6. Will the patches spread with the treatment
7. What will be the timeline of treatment
8. Are the results permanent
9. What should be restricted in diet

One can get in touch with a Vitiligo Specialist to get answers of these questions satisfactorily and then can start the Vitiligo Treatment.

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