Need to aware people about vitiligo

Vitiligo needs awareness as it creates panic upon its onset on person’s mind. Vitiligo is non-infectious and non-contagious in nature and can’t be compared with leprosy.

Visibly it is more prominent in dark skinned people due to contrast but its spread is distributed all across world. In India 2-5 % population is affected by vitiligo and the percentage is inching upwards which is alarming.

Vitiligo is harmless disease but it creates lot of mental pressure and stress among sufferers. Being a social stigma it has much social importance than medical.

Cause of vitiligo could be odd food combinations, much intake of chemical treated vegetables, harsh antibiotics, steroid uses and extreme stressful conditions. Autoimmune condition of body starts destruction of melanin cells and tissues. Cause of this de-pigmentation starts and a white spot forms.

Soon after seeing a white spot on skin, it has to be attained seriously by a Doctor. After diagnosis one has to search for an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist clinic as vitiligo cannot be treated a general practitioner or a simple dermatologist.

Modern treatment has steroids and other immunomodulators like medicines along with UV light treatments for temporary results. These have many side effects than positive effects.

Homeopathic treatment is seen to be aggravating vitiligo like anything. So it’s better to think twice before getting into such treatment.

Safest and effective among them is specialised Ayurvedic treatment which should be taken only through a vitiligo specialist clinic. Due to its vast and surprising nature, vitiligo can only be managed and treated by an Ayurvedic specialist. It’s a well-known fact that as fast you get correct treatment, as fast are your chances of getting cured.


Guidelines about food and diet restrictions are also important and responsible for spread control and faster re-pigmentation. These restrictions are widely discussed and advised only by an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist.

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