Things not to do in Vitiligo & Leucoderma

The complex nature of vitiligo already makes its treatment tougher. Autoimmune condition of body in vitiligo generally takes time to respond with the treatment.

But along with a good herbal Ayurvedic treatment if a patient follows some rules, he or she may respond very fast with the treatment and chances of getting completely healed could be much higher and faster as compared to other sufferers.

Vitiligo Treatment
Vitiligo treatment results after following food restrictions

These are some of the rules which has to be followed for fast and successful vitiligo treatment:

  • Food restrictions– This is the most important one as whatever intake you do, will have direct impact on your white spots. Vitamin C slows down the pigmentation rate which is an adverse condition in vitiligo. To restore and maintain pigmentation, its rate should be enhanced. So, citrus fruits and other juicy fruits including their juices should be avoided in vitiligo.
  • Similarly animal and fish protein slows down pigmentation, so has to be cut completely from the menu.
  • Fermented food products as curd, yogurt etc. are also seen to be reducing the pigmentation process. These should not be taken in vitiligo condition.
  • Soda bi carbonate drinks like soft drinks should be avoided.
  • Alcohol should not be taken in vitiligo as it aggravates spreading.
  • Specially kids are seen to be replacing their main home food for junk food. It should not be done in regular manner as it hampers to immunity.
  • Some lifestyle activities also relate with vitiligo like frequent change in atmosphere can lower your immunity if done regularly. So, temperature variations should be avoided if happens in regular basis.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water is seen to be aggravating vitiligo. It should not be done.
  • Similarly water park visits may affect vitiligo adverse.
  • Untimely intake of food can cause serious damage to body metabolism. So this condition should be avoided.

These are some known examples which has been observed and experienced by an Ayurvedic vitiligo specialist.

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