Vitiligo cure

Vitiligo is a disease which is widely known as a incurable disease. This is not true. Vitiligo can be cured if treated with Specialised Ayurvedic treatment. Calling it incurable disease is true in reference to the modern medical practices as modern allopathy has no cure for it. But all the way saying no cure is not a valid for vitiligo.

Actually since pas thousands of years the ancient Indian medical therapy Ayurveda has its own treatment for vitiligo & Leucoderma. Ayurveda is a herb based treatment which basically acts on the root cause of the disease and there is much possibility of successful vitiligo treatment. The herbs have power to penetrare on the root cause of vitiligo which is autoimmunity. The herbs acts on pigment producing cells to get colouration over white patches. Balancing immunity by rectification of body metabolism is the main function of herbs used in vitiligo treatment.

Anti vitiligo kit is such a formulation which has been researched and developed by Dr. Ravish Kamal and consists of 100% Herb based formulations to gain pigmentation as well as to correct the immunity. It has Anti vitiligo capsules which helps melanocytes to recreate melanin pigment by energising the dormant cells. Pigment catalizer capsules on the other hand supports it for better and faster pigmentation.

Immuno capsules from Ayurhealthline assures better immunity by balancing the Vata, Pitta & Kapha the tridosas.

Other medicines as part of the Anti vitiligo kit formulation like Herbal Anti vitiligo oil helps externally to gain pigments over the white spot area. Herbal Anti vitiligo powder application also does the same over harder skin patch areas where blood circulation remains less.

Along with the herbal Anti vitiligo kit patients are given advise about food restrictions which are know as Vitiligo Diet.  It has its own importance in treatment of vitiligo as it helps in spread control and re-pigmentation also.

In any stage Ayurveda can be a successful treatment option for vitiligo cure.

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