Few changes in your diet and lifestyle can really help in Vitiligo & Leucoderma cure


Eating odd food combination, untimely intake of food and eating plenty of junk food. These can form toxin inside the body and the waste management system of body can get disturbed. The process of waste disposal can get delayed and can cause contamination inside.

Skin is the most vulnerable part of body as it is the largest part and has to tackle with exposures of sun, wind etc. The effect of metabolic toxicity comes first on skin as seen most and can result into various skin diseases and Vitiligo.

Vitiligo diet & food
Food Restrictions in Vitiligo

What changes in diet can cause Vitiligo?

Few of the above examples like odd food combinations like taking non vegetarian food with milk can contaminate the metabolism.

Junk food and carbonated drinks which are available everywhere are the commonest cause of toxicity and could be a reason behind vitiligo.

Intake of hot and cold food items together or just after could be bad for immunity.

Insecticide and pesticides in green vegetables can harm immunity and cause vitiligo.

Taking citric juices in large quantities are recently seen to be a reason behind vitiligo.

Wrong home remedies like turmeric and oil use etc. It could be devastating in vitiligo.

What changes in lifestyle can cause vitiligo?

Untimely food intake can harm metabolism and disturbed metabolism can lower immunity and can cause many autoimmune disorders like vitiligo.

Prolonged hours of swimming in chlorinated swimming pools can react over skin and form white spots.

Abrupt life schedule like night time working and daytime sleeping can really affect bad if done regularly.

Travelling to hot climate from cold climate suddenly and regularly can harm immunity or coming out from a cold indoor room to outer hot climate suddenly can cause bad effect on immunity.

Some chemicals like deodorants and perfumes can cause skin reactions and form Leucoderma on skin.

What are the changes that can help in vitiligo cure?

vitiligo lifestyle requirements
Lifestyle changes required in Vitiligo

Rectifying food intake mentioned above can help in prevention of vitiligo.

Non vegetarian food should not be taken with milk ever.

Timely breakfast, lunch and dinner is a good habit and good for immunity.

Taking sour food items with milk is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Proper washing of vegetables can help to reduce pesticides count on them.

Lifestyle changes like inheriting Yoga and doing Meditation can help to detox.

Prolonged hours of sun exposure should be avoided.

Taking care of hygiene can help to boost immunity.

Based on my experience and scientific reasons with blend of ancient Ayurveda, these are the most common mistakes people do as they mostly got unaware about correct vitiligo restrictions and get affected by vitiligo and Leucoderma.

Being an Ayurvedic Vitiligo Specialist I have observed these factors very minutely since past 10 years and following diet restrictions with our specialised treatment can heal Vitiligo completely.

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