Vitiligo in children – Treatment and precautions

The daily routine and food habits have changed a lot. The addition of junk food, wafers, chocolates etc. from more than permissible quantities has actually disturbed the body metabolism. This has been affecting adversely and as a result it causes autoimmunity, a condition in which body cells gets destroyed by the defense cells inside the body. Small children are more vulnerable to it as small disturbance in immunity can cause autoimmunity in them.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and mostly it occurs due to food and dietary reasons in small kids. Intake of non-vegetarian food with milk is common among them and can be seen as a prominent cause of vitiligo spots in children.

Recently the junk food like pizza, burger, noodles etc. is also found to be getting as a replacement for the main food items. In countries like India in which the body system is not use-to to this kind of food stuff, is causing metabolic problems and also found to be disturbing immunity system. In other countries like USA, UK, Australia etc. , the percentage of vitiligo patients are less but in children it is getting much due to lack of awareness about the vitiligo food restrictions.

Another important cause of vitiligo in children is excess use of cortisone, steroids etc. or use of harsh antibiotics for longer time. These affect adverse on immunity. As a result autoimmune problems like vitiligo gets started in kids.

Vitiligo treatment
Vitiligo Treatment in Children

Ayurvedic approach to vitiligo is completely different from other treatment options. Ayurveda very minutely guides about the food and diet restrictions in vitiligo. Along with its treatment through specialized Ayurvedic Anti vitiligo medicines, Ayurhealthline provides complete list of food and lifestyle changes. Following these helps a patient to recover faster.

The theory of root cause removal under Ayurvedic treatment makes the difference. The melanin pigment producing cells gets reactivated with the use of herbal medicines and as a result vitiligo gets treated fast in vitiligo affected children and adults.

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