What to do if you have diagnosed vitiligo


Vitiligo is not an incurable disease. The approach towards its treatment should be positive and the choice of treatment should be risk free and free from chemical interactions.

After you have seen a white spot on your skin, you must see a dermatologist or specialist for confirm diagnosis. Please note that the consultation is only taken for diagnosis in case of a modern medical Doctor appointment as his prescribed medicines could be steroids either oral or application, immunomodulators in form of de-worm capsules. The role of allopathic medicines in vitiligo is widely known to be complicating vitiligo. So, such temporary treatments could be devastating and should be avoided.

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Vitiligo & Ayurvedic treatment

Mostly Homeopathy treatment is seen to be aggravating vitiligo. So such risk should also not be taken.

After confirm diagnosis one has to find an Ayurvedic Vitiligo specialist either locally or online. It has been seen that specialised Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo is also possible through online or video consultation. Anti-vitiligo kit treatment by a specialist can assure you no further spreading along with re-pigmentation over spots. The holistic approach of treatment makes Ayurveda unique. Under this treatment the root cause of vitiligo which is ‘autoimmunity’ gets treated through herbs which do perfect work by improving body metabolism. Another set of herbs with their photosensitive action starts pigment deposition over the white spots. Initial results can be seen under 2-3 months in specialised Ayurvedic treatment.

You must also follow food restrictions in vitiligo if you have diagnosed vitiligo. Diet restrictions are almost 25% influential in vitiligo. Mainly food products containing Vitamin C should be avoided. Citrus fruits and juices should be stopped. Fermented products such as curd, yogurt, bread and some South Indian food items like idli etc. should be avoided. Red meat, sea food, fish should not be taken as the protein inside inhibits pigmentation process. Alcoholic drinks and other carbonated drinks should be avoided as it slows down the pigmentation process.

Doing yoga and meditation can really help in faster healing of white spots. Daily 15-30 minutes yoga can do miracle along with Ayurvedic vitiligo treatment.

So, in place of getting into panic situation, if you think and do wisely, you can stop and treat vitiligo successfully.

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